World Tour

This part of my website gives an overview of trips that I've made all around the world. They include countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. I like to travel. It's not that I am jumping in and out of airplanes every month, but when I have the time (and money) then I enjoy it!
Since another hobby of me is photography I usually travel with a camera. I use a Minolta SLR body (Dynax 7xi) and several lenses. This means carrying a few kilograms of equipment every day, but the result is most of the times noticeble. I recently received a small Nikon camera, so on small trips this will be my camera.
The wave applet I used is from David Griffiths. I took the picture myself, it is the skyline of Boston at night.

Below you can find stories and photo's of some of the countries and cities I have visited.

New Mexico (1991)
Greece by car: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece (1992)
Canada (1993)
France (1996)
Munich (1996)
Iceland (1997)
Alaska and Yukon (1999)
The Silk Road: Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal (1999)
Spain (1999-2000)
Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway (2000)
Patagonia: Chile and Argentina (2001)
Trans Mongolia Express and China (2002)
Morocco (2003)
Campingsafari in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia (2003)

So far I have been in the following countries (some countries I've only visited for several hours):

Andorra Argentina Austria Belgium
Botswana Bulgaria Canada Chile
China Denmark Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg Mongolia
Morocco Namibia Nepal Netherlands
Norway Pakistan Romania Russia
South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland
Tibet United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
Yugoslavia Zimbabwe

This document was last updated on 23/02/04