Holiday 1996 in France

Flag of France

In 1996 I made plans to go on holiday to France. I visited the same camp site where my parents took me 20 years ago. At that time the site was open for its second year. The trees were just planted and only a few buildings were there. Would I recognize the place or was it totally different than what I had in mind. Well, several things were the same, but what a lot of trees. It looks like the camp site is now in a woodland area. This was an empty field in the mid-seventies. The manager was the third owner so no familiar faces here. But when I told him about my visit 20 years ago he became very interested. He even send me a Christmas card.
To give you an idea about where in France I am talking about, it is Brittany - the most western part of France. It is one of the few places in this country that still has its own language. It is the place where you can find a lot of menhirs (remember the stone that Obelix is carying).

Image of France This is a view of the bay of Douarnenez, a typical town at the coast. Every morning the fishermen enter the harbour with their boats. Sardines, tuna and shellfish are the most important fish. This side of the bay has a very nice stretch of sand where you can make pleasant walks during the evening.

Image of France If you like hiking then it is also worthwile to follow the hiking trails along the coast. I warn you that I will show more pictures of the coastline of Brittany.

Image of France This is the harbour of Douarnenez. If you like crepes (small pancakes), a croq monsieur (toast with cheese, well kinda) or just coffee this is the place to go to. Sitting on the terrace you have an excellent view.

Image of France Animals are always a good topic with photography. I wish these damned animals stayed at the correct position for at least five minutes. Now I have to hurry to get the camera ready and try not to scare the birds away.

Image of France If you go south you'll get to the lighthouse of Penmarc'h. The route to this town is a trip that's worthwile. I read in a book that in this area the largest and most beautiful menhir could be found. So we started looking, but after more than an hour we stopped. The information was either wrong (although we also saw a sign on another map) or were were just blind.

Image of France At the south path of the bay of Douarnenez you can wee this magnificient view of the Atlantic Ocean. There are two capes next to each other called Point du Van and Point du Raz. A few miles to the east is a large colony of birds. Many thousands of them breed there during summertime.

Image of France At the northern part of the bay is a small museum about the second world war. This place used to be part of the Atlantic Wall. Bunkers and places where large canons were placed can be seen here. The place is called Pointe de Penhir.

Image of France About 100 kilometers east is the area called Cote de Granit Rose (pink granite coast). Well it looked brown to me. But it seems that water and sunlight can change the colors dramatically. It does look spectacular. A museum for bird lovers (no not the ones that are served at Kentucky Fried Chicken) is also there.

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