Visit 1996 at Munich

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During a two-week stay in Munich for my work I also did some sight seeing. If you would like to see a bit of Munich then take a look at the following tour. It starts at the point were I stayed in a hotel (south side of the town) and takes you to the inner city. It stops at the northern part.

Image of Munich Like I said, the trip starts at the southern part of Munich. This is in my opinion a nice place to stay. There are good hotels and it is rather quiet in the evening. There are also good restaurants (German gasthauses, Italian restaurants) and it is also near the woods. A good place for hiking and cycling. The picture was taken at Grunwald, near to the place where the famous Bavarian filmstudios are.

Image of Munich If you take the S-bahn to the center of town you will see the town hall. It is a beautiful building with a special type of glockenspiel. This is also a good place to start a tour in the city. There are a lot of nice shops and also a toy museum.

Image of Munich If you go to the east (direction of the river) you get to one of the better museums in town, the Deutsche Museum. It has a very large collection of technological equipment (computers, instruments), boats, airplanes, rockets, astronomical stuff, printing, an agricultural department and even a real mineshaft.
Be aware of the fact that it will take a complete day to visit everything and the building closes at 5 o'clock.

Image of Munich Then follow the river downstream (northern direction). You will see a lot of old. but very well maintained buildings, like the German and European Patent Office.

Image of Munich During the fall this place has a special atmosphere. The colors of the trees add that extra special autumn feeling to it. This is a good place to have a picknic.

Image of Munich Directly opposite the Maximilian Strasse (the most expensive shopping street in Munich) lies this building. It is used by the German government.

Image of Munich Then you arrive at the Englisher Garten. This is a very large park in the middle of the city. It takes about one hour to cross it. There are several paths in all directions and there is a Japanese Tearoom and a Chinese Restaurant (Chinesische Turm). For those of you who would like to keep it simple there is also a hotdog stand that sells german bratwurst and a soda.

Image of Munich If you leave the part at the east side you can take the U-bahn to the Olympic village. This was build for the 1972 Olympic games. You can visit most buildings. Just opposite the Olympic Stadium is the BMW museum. A must for BMW fans.

Image of Munich The most spectacular site is the Olympic Stadium (entrance DM 3.00). It is now the home stadium of the soccer club Bayern Munchen.

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