A bit about myself

This section gives some information about who I am and what I do. A friend of mine once said that this is just an advertisement to get a date. I dispute that. If this was true then why is it not working? This is a retorical question ....

I you are still interested after reading this then go to the Walk of Life page. There I'll tell you a bit about my hometown Ridderkerk and Leiden, the city where I studied astronomy.
If you want to know what I think is interesting or boring then check out what I like and dislike. Since I like music a lot I have made a separate page for it. My favorite music list is also there.
By now you must be wondering if I am a real nerd or a person with a normal life. I consider myself a nerd with a normal life. As a proof I'll tell you a bit about my friends.
Since I have the nasty habit of photographing telescopes I've dedicated a separate section to it. Well, I guess you already spotted that I take a lot of pictures as well. That's because photography is sort of a hobby of me. I usually combine it with hiking and travelling. I also collect funny stories and programs. Maybe you like them too.
Almost every week I get spam mail. Those dickheads should be eliminated right away. A few years ago a made a special page about one of those suckers. It didn't help of course, but the page is nice.

I thought that having a PGP key would be nice, but I've never used it. I am either too lazy or nobody uses my key. I'll keep it anyway.