Some of my friends and officemates

Over the years I've shared many offices with even more friends. Most of them were fun to be with, so I would like to share them with you. If you consider yourself a friend and your picture is not here, send me a picture.

Image of my friends at the Leiden Observatory in 1991 This photo was taken during the last months of our study astronomy at the Leiden Observatory. You can see Lorant, Marc, Carina, Erwin and me (May 1991). Lorant is now working in Dwingeloo for the JIVE project. Marc is working in the USA as a postdoc with NRAO. Carina is involved with space science at TPD/TNO in Delft and Erwin is writing software.
Image of my officemates at the Leiden Observatory in 1991 My officemates Eleni, Neal and Michael at the Leiden Observatory (June 1994). Eleni is still in Leiden. Neal went back to England to work for Jodrell Bank and Michael lives in Canada. He is writing a book about astronomy.
Image of my officemates at the Leiden Observatory in 1994 Another photo of my officemates Eleni, Neal and Michael. Yes, we had a lot of fun those days.
Image of my buddy Marco and his officemate at work My best friend Marco and his officemate Piero at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (November 1995). Two astronomy die hards in action.
Image of Marco at work Marco in a rather funny pose. And I always thought he was a serious dude.
There should be am image of Marco here Marco in a very unusual pose.
Image of Marco and Elly at promotion Marco just before he got his Ph.D. Next to him is Elly, a good friend. We were his so-called paranimfs. Probably the last time you'll see me wearing a tux.
Image of Steve in cleanroom This is Steve in the cleanroom. He works at MSSL in England. Most mail we send to each other has nothing to do with our work. Its about jokes, interesting URL's and funny stories.

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