Like and Dislike

The best way to know a person is just asking him/her what things he/she likes and what not. So here is a random collection of what I like and what not.

Best single ever released: Prince - 1999. Even though I think he is a big asshole this song is the best thing he's ever produced and ever will produce.
Best movie: The great race (starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood and Peter Falk). I think I've seen it 5 times now, and if it is broadcasted right now I will watch it again.
Best song writer(s): Lennon and McCartney.
Best concert I've seen live: Voodoo Lounge Tour 1995 of The Rolling Stones in Nijmegen. Good show, good music (no playback - Charlie is OK).
Funniest concert I've heard: Kid Creole and the Coconuts - Life boat party tour, Rock Palast Germany. This show had it all. Good music, good act and the best joke that one can imagine. Kid is singing "where are your tablemanners", a song about sex. The whole audience knows this, execpt one persons. And they find him: Jacob. Even after Kid gives him a hint ("There are a lot of things in life that you can eat that ain't food buddy"), he still doesn't get it. What a joke.
Best cult film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show . The last time I watched it was in Toronto (1993) on the day that the Blue Jays won the world series.
Most beautiful country I've seen: Hmm, cannot make a choice between British Columbia - Canada and Alaska. Impressive nature (pure, overwhelming, widespread).
Best SF serie: Star Trek. Although the next generation is OK, my favourite is still the one with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.
Best comical serie: Fawlty Towers. John Cleese at his best. The timing is perfect. Every sentence is right where it should be.
Best sketch: Monty Python - the dead parrot sketch. Need I say more.
Best operating system: Linux. Thanks Linus for making it freely available.
Worst Operating System: DOS and Windows. Thanks to uncle Bill we are stuck with a crappy Operating System for the rest of our lives ...
Worst computer store I've seen: Dunnet in Rotterdam. What a nightmare. They just sell crap. Old crap too.
Worst Homepage: Dunnet in Rotterdam. Who is the dummy that designed this rubbish. Select boxes without scrollbars that are so large, they don't fit on your screen. Really useful guys!!! Keep up the good work. Last time I saw it they changed it. They probably tried it thereselves.
Stort Jantje in het Beton Jantje Smit, an 11 year old Dutch singer that is very popular among grandmothers and deaf people.
FAJS More details could be found at the "Stort Jantje in het beton pagina" or the "Front Anti Jantje Smit pagina". Sorry, but they have removed it. It was in Dutch, so you probably would not understand the translated humor.
Frans Bauer and Marianne Weber. Two very popular singers who will make you wanna puke within 5 seconds. There are many more of those here in the Netherlands like Koos Alberts, Sugar Lee Hooper, Zangeres zonder Naam, Corrie Konings.
More people I don't like: Frank Govers (leuke kleuren, nieuw???), Miep Brons (what a creep), Tineke (de takketrol), Patty Brard (name one thing that she is good at ?!??!), Jan de Bouvrie (Hallo daar zijn we weer), Catherine Keyl (she called herself the Dutch Oprah Winfrey, yeah right!!!), Viola Holt (seen her once and you'll know what I mean), Hans van der Togt (ja meisje, en dan zijn je centjes op).
Worst concert hall: Amsterdam Arena. Lousy sound, the grass does not grow here and Ajax can't play football.

This document was last updated on 10/08/01