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Since many years I have received lots of junk mail via e-mail. First I thought "Gee, this is not very nice", so I tried to reply to this message. This did NOT work. A few days later there were two more letters about some business in New Mexico. This time I tried harder and managed to find the machine were the message originated from. The machine was disconnected from all services like mail, finger and all other goodies you can try, to find out who was working on that machine. All failed. I had the impression that these guys planned this so I gave up. Until again I got five new messages. This time I was reading the manual page of the mail filter system, but I was intrigued. The message said "if you do not want to receive any more mail, then send a message to the following address ...". I did, and got an interesting mail back. It turns out that mail is send from innocent accounts that were broken into. The person responsible was a guy called Jeff Slanton aka the Spam King. He is making money sending junkmail using hacked user accounts. This must be stopped. We must keep the Net nice and tidy. If you have had this junkmail as well, or if you have friends who have had these messages, please tell them the real reason about what has happened.

This document was last updated on 26/02/96