XMM-Newton seen from Earth

11-Jan-2000 Xray Multiple Mirror Telescope in Orbit, 30 second CCD image on Jan 13th at a range of 44350 km.
Images taken with a home made 45cm f/5.4 Newtonian.

17-Apr-2000 Teamwork by an amateur astronomer and a retired member of the European Space Agency has resulted in the first picture of XMM-Newton seen from the Northern Hemisphere.
This picture of the satellite was taken by a secondary school physics teacher in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Working from his home-based observatory in Gnosca, a small town in the south of the country, Stefano Sposetti was able to locate XMM-Newton in the sky on 8 April with the help of an emphemeris provided by German Bruno Tilgner who retired from ESA in 1998.

Stefano Sposetti's picture of XMM-Newton was taken at 04:00 UTC using a front-illuminated CCD camera through a 40cm f/4 telescope. The exposure time was 30 seconds and the field of view 20' x 20'. The satellite was then near its perigee at a distance of 8440km. On the image it leaves a long trail, travelling from the right to the left side at an angular speed of 2.4 degrees/minute. On the picture taken from Australia, XMM-Newton was then near its apogee point of 114 000km from Earth, leaving only a short trail visible.