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Ultra Steep Spectrum Radio Sources II: Radio, Infrared, Optical and HST Imaging of High Redshift 4C Objects

K.C. Chambers (1), G.K. Miley (2), W.J.M. van Breugel (3), M.A.R. Bremer (2,4), J. Huang (1), N. Trentham (1)

1 Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
2 Sterrewacht Leiden
3 Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
4 Space Research Organisation of the Netherlands, Utrecht


We present radio, infrared, optical, and HST imaging data on eight high redshift () ultra steep spectrum 4C radio sources. The radio polarization morphologies are highly asymmetric. The optical morphologies are all aligned with the radio axis. The multi-color images show strong asymmetric gradients in the color of the continuum along the radio axes. No optical emission is detected from the radio lobes. Narrow band images of the redshifted Lyman emission show that the emission line morphology is generally aligned with the radio source but does not necessarily correlate with the apparent morphology of the rest frame ultraviolet continuum.

Subject headings: radio sources: identifications - radio sources: galaxies - galaxies: redshifts

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