The Company
PebeSoft is an ICT company that started in 1984 by two brothers. The first projects included educational software and small utilities. After their studies they enhanced their skills and nowadays they design and build professional systems for the internet, financial market, science and the space research industries.
The People

He is the oldest of the two brothers. Already after buying his first computergames he figured out how to hack them. Writing software in assembler was dead easy according to him and after a while he even hacked the Operating System of a home computer.
His motivation is usually doing something that seems impossible. He is a true Windows programmer fanatic and his coding style is very precise.
His hobbies include programming, electronics and going on holiday to remote places. His favourite destination is Alaska.

Unlike his brother he is more the 'practical solution' kind of guy. Why write the tool yourself if someone else has done the job already. Tweaking someone else's code can be fun as well.
His favourite Operating System is Linux. The first version he installed was 0.98, a long time before the first official release.
Like Peter he also spends a lot of his spare time programming, occasionally building hardware and travelling around the world. He has several favourite places: Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Patagonia and Tibet.

The Products and Services
We are specialized in custom build software. When an off the shelf solution is possible we offer consultancy expertise, but a lot of projects just need dedicated software. Of course the underlying tools are standard (Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Tcl/Tk, and many more ...) so there is no need to write everything from scratch.